"Do something instead of killing time, because time is killing you."

— Paulo Coelho (via v0tum)

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The rain pour
And im in a curl

Wind blew
And i bid my sad adieu

Anonymous said: You're not human, just a perv


How the hell do you figure?

Here’s how it is: I am a human. I am a ball of thoughts and dreams and impulses and hormones. I like music, art, the touch of someone’s skin, romance, humour, fine foods, and many things. I am accepting of every part of me, and therefore I can admit that I like everything that I do. Sex is one of those things.

You on the other hand, are anonymous and won’t even put a human face to your cyber-bullying, and so that speaks volumes. If you want to emphasize how “wrong and perverted” you think I am, then you should feel okay to do it to my face and bask in your proverbial moral high ground.

Until you do, however, I am not going to dignify you with any more responses. I eagerly await an intelligent conversation with someone with a face.

And for the record, the female body is a beautiful and wonderful thing, both sexually and platonically, and I will always be its biggest fan.

I just had to reblog this..

Sister love…

Sister love…

Good morning…. oh yeah getting addicted in taking self portraits. Pfft !

Good morning…. oh yeah getting addicted in taking self portraits. Pfft !


[ i l o v e w o r d s ]
Life as i know it.

Life as i know it.

It was like eating a piece of heaven when im devouring DQ’s mango cheesecake
But i felt like crying….

Yow !

Yow !